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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Are You Trying To Use The Law Of Attraction, Deliberate Manifestation, Conscious Creation, Or Quantum Physics To Attract Your Desires...

From the desk of Tom Murasso

In March 2006 a film called "The Secret" presented the "Law of Attraction" to the world, sold at a tremendous pace and gained widespread attention from the media with Newsweek, Larry King, Oprah and others discussing the information in their respective outlets. In September 2006 Hay House published a book, "The Law of Attraction" by Esther Hicks (Abraham-Hicks) which reached the New York Times best-seller list.

If you're reading this, I'm confident you've seen the film, read the book and are either working with the 'LAW' or at least attempting to learn the process so you can actually CREATE YOUR DESIRES.

The Secret movie makes it look easy, doesn't it? Abraham does too. So why is it still so HARD to get what you want? Why do most people feel like they're creating a manifestation mountain to climb instead of creating their desires?

You're thinking good thoughts. You have a positive attitude. You're doing all the right things... right?

Maybe not... ----->

Discover Exactly How To Make Yourself Incredibly Magnetic, Desirable, & Loved By Anyone In As Little As 7 Days Without Fail

My name is Mark Samet. I've been through a long and interesting self development journey. Six years ago, I was literally the "social moron" who couldn't even look people in the eye without feeling nerve-racked about accidentally saying the wrong thing. I struggled to some degree in almost all social situations even if it was at lunch with my own co-workers.

I've always wanted to bring more love and friends into my life, and I thought they'd just magically come to me since I was a "good guy". I was always astonished by people who could naturally charm the crowd and attract key people into their lives.

They always seemed to have what I wanted most ..... SOCIAL HAPPINESS.

I also envied those who could naturally captivate the opposite sex without a hint of that painful struggle. I always thought these people were just born with it. ----->

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rebel Money Maker

This is one of my favorite little money making gems, and it hides quietly inside an obscure little corner of the internet. Known only to a lucky few people who are profiting widely from this amazing tool, this powerful money maker continues to elude the masses. But the most amazing thing about this powerful little tool is, the moment you grasp the concept, it will literally start spitting out hundreds of dollar bills out at you like an out of order ATM machine.

I never fail to make money with this. And it's probably because it's so simple to use and works flawlessly if you understand a few tiny tricks about it. The tricks are so obvious that even a chimp could do it.

And I've gotta tell you, these videos make it so flat out simple and easy, that even my friend's daughter, who had no internet knowledge other than messing around with her friends on Facebook and Youtube, went through the process. And in just one day, she made over $200.

So I know you can do this. If you want someone to show you exactly how to use the money making ideas hiding inside an obscure corner of the web, then simply access these videos where you can watch over the shoulder of someone who as he shows you step by step how to do it and you will not fail if you follow his instructions.----->

"Who Else Wants to Discover the Secret Evergreen Product I Have Used for 3 Years to Make $3,602.24 a Month on Ebay..."

From: Kevin "Mr Ebay" Johnson

Dear Struggling Internet Entreprenuer,

My story is not your typical "rags to riches" saga. Like you I jumped from program to program buying every new program that landed in my "In Box".

However, more and more of my friends were telling me about buying and selling on eBay. For me I thought this was pretty crazy - people buying clothes, books etc on eBay.

One of my fellow co workers was making a small fortune buying and selling cars on eBay. Finally I had HEARD ENOUGH !!!!

After figuring out how to put a picture on eBay (I am NOT a Techno geek), I listed my first product. It was a Sanyo Beta Video recorder that I picked up at a yard sale for $20.00. 7 days later a lady purchased the unit for $174.00!!!! I WAS HOOKED!!!!

By the way the recorder wouldn't rewind - which I mentioned in my description - but she still bought it anyway. ----->

County Fair grounds Database Subscription

Our Database is extensive and contains a lot of information,
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- fair attendance figures
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- commercial vendor, concessionaire, and entertainment booking information
- some hotel and camping and rv information, depends on the state
- director's, media and public relations, secretary's - names, and phone numbers
- demolition derby, rodeo and motocross contact information. ------>

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